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Motor Vehicle Accidents: How is Evidence Gathered

Whether your car accident has caused a whiplash injury or something more serious the way that we gather evidence is the same. Evidence is gathered by a number of people and broadly speaking comes under two areas: Liability and Loss.


If one or more of people involved in the car accident is injured the police must be called. They are able to interview the drivers and passengers, collect important details such as registration numbers and licence details. Once acquiring all the details the police can make a determination on who is at fault and caused the accident. 

Eye Witnesses:

One or more occupants or third party observers may witness the accident. It is important that you collect these individuals' details, to provided statements to the police or for your benefits at a later point.


In the moments following a motor vehicle accident it can be disorientating, scary and over whelming. Providing that you are able to walk away from the accident you are in the best position the collect evidence. Approach the other driver in a friendly manner and collect their licence (details, name, age and address), as well as their registration details and any details about the care. These can be used at a later date to identify the driver if need be.



If one or more people involved in the car accident are sufficiently injured an ambulance will be called. The Ambulance drivers will take notes on what injuries have been sustained. It is important to express all pain and injury sights that you have and not just focus on the major injuries. 

Medical Evidence:

Once your injuries have stabilise, 10-18 months maybe longer, we will submit you to the be assessed by our medical doctors. They will take a brief medical history, accident history and outline the medical facts of your injuries. 

Domestic Care and Assistance:

Any paid help or kindness you receive from friends and family can be claimed for as a loss. Keep records who helped you each week and how much you paid them if any. Make sure to detail how long they performed each task that they helped around the house with, whether it be cooking, cleaning or gardening.

Economic Losses:

Keep detailed records of days you had off work, whether they are sick days, annual leave or unpaid. Did you loss your job? Make sure to keep your pay slips of your old and hopefully your new job.


Yes you can claim that tube of deepheat, that box of Panadol or even the bus ticket for your trip to the Doctor. Keep all your receipts! We can claim that too. Whenever you attend the doctors, physiotherapist or any other treatment providers. 

By keeping detailed records of your life post the accident and by acquiring all the above evidence, we at Gerard Malouf and Partners are able to maximise your compensation claim.  Making the most out of a terrible situation.

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