Mid North Coast woman receives $110,000 in compensation due to orthopaedic surgeon’s mistreatment

PUBLISHED 27 Jun 2018

In this matter, our client was a Tarbuk Bay local who injured her left knee on two separate occasions at her workplace. She sought care from a specialist orthopaedic surgeon who she believed was competent and would provide good treatment for her left knee injury.

During her consultations with the Orthopaedic surgeon, our client agreed to allow the surgeon to perform an arthroscopy, which is an invasive surgery, on her left knee. After the surgeon performed this procedure, our client noticed that her condition did not improve and she continued to suffer pain and discomfort. Our client told the surgeon about the continual pain she was experiencing, and a further arthroscopy was performed on her knee.

Unfortunately for our client, her injury would have improved with the appropriate therapeutic and conservative management techniques.

Eventually after further investigations were completed through MRI scans, it was discovered that our client has suffered damage to the cartilage in her knee as result of the two arthroscopies. This damage along with the lack of appropriate management of our client’s injury, resulted in our client experiencing aggravated pain and developing a significant fixed deformity in her left knee.

As result of this injury, our client was unable to engage in normal day to day activities and to return to employment. This took an emotional toll on our client who developed severe stress, anxiety and post traumatic depression as a result.

With this clear mistreatment, our client reached out to Gerard Malouf and Partners seeking assistance and compensation. Medical Negligence Lawyer Keegan Behrens took on the case and strongly argued on behalf of our client that the orthopaedic surgeon was medically negligent by failing to contemplate all appropriate therapeutic management methods prior to pursuing surgery.

Through effective negotiations Medical Negligence Lawyer Keegan Behrens and his team were able to organise a mediation with both parties and negotiated a favourable settlement of $110,000, which the client was happy with.

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