Metal Worker receives over $300,000 compensation due to burns suffered during the course of his employment

PUBLISHED 22 Feb 2018

Our client received over $300,000 in compensation after an unfortunate incident at his workplace through a Workers Compensation Claim and a Work Injury Damages Claim (Common Law Negligent Claim). During the course of his employment as a metal worker, our client was exposed to spilt molten metal and as a result he sustained significant burns.

Prior to the settlement this worker also received statutory workers compensation entitlements that was paid by the insurer including weekly compensation payments for wage loss and medical expenses which were quite extensive. Further to that, we also assisted him in receiving a lump sum amount for his impairment.

In any workplace an employer needs to guard their employees from all foreseeable safety hazards. They are required to provide its employees’ a safe work environment and are accountable if there is a failure to do so.

The injury he sustained was a terrible and painful one that has greatly impaired his normal function and has impacted on the quality of his life as you would expect. Thus when our client approached us to be his legal representatives, we at Gerard Malouf and Partners left no stones unturned to ensure that our client received the maximum compensation he was entitled to.

Following the usual procedure, we finalised a claim for lump sum benefits in his workers compensation claim. Having established an impairment rating which satisfied the threshold of 15% whole person impairment, our client was able to receive a lump sum amount in compensation for his impairment under his workers compensation statutory rights. He was also allowed to investigate a Work Injury damages Claim (Common Law Negligent Claim) following that.

Given the seriousness of our client’s injury and the employer’s failed system of work leading to the injury, a Work Injury Damages claim was commenced. From the outset we believed that this particular case had great merit as the lack of safety precautions taken by the employer were obvious.

There were several offers made to our client by the Defendant through to our office at Gerard Malouf and Partners however these were manifestly too low and we advised our client accordingly. However, after much perseverance, the matter was able to be resolved at Mediation without the need for incurring further costs associated in court proceedings. The settlement amount our client received was a very satisfying one that can now be used to help him move forward with his life.

Our client was most happy that his claim was finalised so that he can move forward. The strain can be tremendous on injured individuals in a claims process. What they need is care and guidance to minimise the strain as much as possible and at the same time maximise compensation. That is what we do at GMP Lawyers, in addition to achieving astounding compensation outcomes we at all times show care and proper guidance to our client’s to minimise their stress.

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