Mesothelioma Dust Disease Claim

PUBLISHED 07 May 2012

Our client had previously seen other solicitors and claims were lodged on my client’s behalf but were returned unsuccessfully. The client then came to Gerard Malouf and Partners in respect of a Dust Disease Claim. We were able to review his application, obtain various statements, organize various medical investigations, prepare a significant chronology identify his exposure and lodge a claim through the Dust Diseases Tribunal against his employer. Not only were we successful, but received a significant lump sum for our client of approximately $350,000.00. Additionally we were able to obtain a pension for a weekly benefit to our client from the Dust Diseases Board as well as a lump sum payment upon our clients death to his Widow of approximately $233,700.00. one of the special factors of this case was the size of the exposure to the asbestos materials in this case our client was exposed to Asbestos for a period under 1 month in which he was responsible for the removal of asbestos materials from various sites.

The case was significantly complicated as we had to prove the type of work that he completed and we had to prove his employment and had to obtain statement s from co-workers from over 30 years ago.

We obtained expert evidence in relation to his exposure being sufficient enough to be considered to caused Mesothelioma. The matter was completely resolved in 5 months.

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