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Woman receives $500,000 for failure to treat dissected artery

Case Overview
  • A major hospital neglected to provide adequate treatment for our client following a stroke.
  • We worked with medical experts to identify that the hospital delivered inconsistent treatment with peer professional standards.
  • Our lawyers we able to settle this case for $500,000 compensation.

This matter involved the conduct of a major hospital. Our client presented with symptoms that were suggestive of stroke. However, the hospital did not order any scans and did not, in a timely way, refer her for treatment by a neurologist with sufficient expertise in the treatment of strokes and other brain injuries for treatment. As a result, our client required intensive therapy to regain normal bodily function.

Our client approached Gerard Malouf and Partners to enquire about whether or not she was entitled to compensation for her treatment by the hospital. Ray Abbas, Accredited Personal Injury Specialist, was of the view that this claim had merit and began to gather evidence in support of our client’s claim.

“Our expert medical negligence lawyers have the knowledge and skills to reach the best outcome for anyone who has suffered as a result of sub-standard or negligent treatment from any type of medical practitioner.”

Ray Abbas
Our Approach

Mr Abbas proceeded to brief an expert to provide their opinion on whether or not the conduct of the hospital in their treatment of our client was in accordance within reasonable medical standards.

Ultimately, the evidence was conclusive that the hospital had unreasonably treated our client’s stroke and that this was inconsistent with peer professional standards and therefore negligence was established.

In addition, we obtained evidence from a neurologist who confirmed that our client suffered serious adverse effects from improper and delayed treatment.

Following instructions from our client, we commenced the matter in court and organised a mediation with our Defendant with the hopes of reaching a settlement that was acceptable to our client. 

The Result

The claim was settled in full for $500,000, our client was pleased with the results.

Ray Abbas Photo

Ray Abbas

I get satisfaction in knowing that my clients receive compensation in these challenging times, where insurers seem to have the upper hand

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