Manly woman receives over $100,000 compensation following accident at rental property

PUBLISHED 22 Mar 2017

A Manly woman has a received over $100,000.00 following an accident at a rental property. Our client was attempting to use the stairwell of the rental property at night time to access the property. Due to improper lighting, our client was unable to see where she was stepping, and has fallen on the stairs. As a result our client suffered injuries to her skull and neck.

The client attended the public liability lawyers of Gerard Malouf and Partners. Upon giving the address to our solicitor, searches were performed to discover the owners of the rental property who were responsible for the maintenance. Our client’s expert compensation solicitor was satisfied that the owners were negligent in the accident occurring and commenced a claim.

This claim, like all claims performed by Gerard Malouf and Partners, came with a no win no fee guarantee. This extends to our disbursements. Disbursements include items such as court filing fees, requesting clinical notes, having experts assess injuries and barrister fees. All disbursements are covered up front and at no stage are our clients required to provide us with money until the successful outcome of their matter.

Following the investigation of this claim, our Accredited Personal Injury Specialist filed the claim in court. The following arguments were put forward stating how the defendant was negligent:

  1. Failed to install stairs that were adequately constructed;
  2. Failed to provide adequate lighting;
  3. Failed to provide painted edge lines or tread edging strips so that a person could have adequate depth perception of the stairs;
  4. Failure to provide adequate entry and exit to the premises.

At the same time of filing in court, of which a three year time limitation applies, our expert compensation lawyer also arranged for our client to be medically assessed. An expert report was also required by way of evidence to show that the stairs were unsafe.

Upon the finalisation of all evidence, our solicitor sought to have an Informal Settlement Conference in an attempt to settle our clients public place accident, outside of a courtroom setting.

Upon negotiating the claim with the solicitors for the defendant, our expert compensation solicitor was able to negotiate an agreement which saw our client awarded $100,000.00. Our client was happy to accept this money, noting that it limited the legal costs by not proceeding through the court system.

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