Manly woman involved in taxi motor vehicle accident awarded over $200,000

PUBLISHED 03 Jul 2017

A Manly woman who has been involved in a motor vehicle accident has been awarded over $200,000.00 in damages. Our client had arrived at her destination through the use of a taxi. After she had paid the taxi driver, she opened the door and had one leg placed outside of the vehicle. As she was stepping out of the vehicle, the driver has quickly reversed causing our client to fall and seriously injure her leg.

Following the accident, this woman contacted the motor vehicle accident claims specialists of Gerard Malouf and Partners. At the initial, free consultation, our accredited personal injury specialist informed our client of her legal rights, along with discussing our no win no fee costs agreement. The no win no fee arrangement which is offered at Gerard Malouf and Partners is one which also extends to disbursements. Furthermore, our firm covers the costs of your claim upfront and is reimbursed upon the successful outcome of the claim.

During the initial attendance, our motor vehicle accident specialist advised our client of the documents needed to filed. For motor vehicle accident claims an Accident Notification Form ought to be filed within 28 days of the date of accident, and a Personal Injury Claim Form needs to be filed within 6 months of the date of accident. For more information regarding these claim forms please do not hesitate to contact our compensation specialists on 9630 4122.

As a result of her accident, our client sustained permanent injury to her leg. Accordingly, she was able to make a claim for the following heads of damage:

  1. Pain and suffering;
  2. Past economic loss;
  3. Future economic loss;
  4. Past domestic care and assistance;
  5. Future domestic care and assistance;
  6. Past out of pocket expenses;
  7. Future out of pocket expenses.

As liability was accepted by the insurer of the vehicle at fault in this claim, the only issue was determining the value of the claim.

As the claim progressed, the motor vehicle accident claims specialist arranged for a settlement conference to take part with the insurer and their legal representatives. When liability is accepted by the insurer, a settlement conference becomes compulsory during the life of the claim.

After vigorous negotiation, the insurer offered an amount which our client was delighted to accept. After legal fees were deducted, our client was left with over $200,000.00.

If you or anybody you know has a motor vehicle accident claim please contact the expert personal injury solicitors at Gerard Malouf and Partners for a free consultation to discuss your legal entitlements.

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