Man Recives $170,000 Compensation After Fall in Pub

PUBLISHED 19 Jun 2014

Our client was attending his local pub one evening when he tripped on an elevated door or cover on the floor. There were no warning signs or markers to warn patrons of the hazardous door/cover and lighting in the area was low making it even more difficult to see the hazard.

As a result of the fall our client suffered serious injury to his shoulder and was off work for period of two months before returning to work on light duties. He was employed as a machine operator and when he returned to work he struggled with his duties until he ceased work a few months later. He later established his own business and returned to the workforce.

Our client required physiotherapy and pain medication as well as ongoing consultations with his general practitioner and specialist. He also required assistance around the home performing domestic duties such as mowing the lawns and garden maintenance.

As specialists in personal injury claims, Gerard Malouf and Partners actively pursued a compensation claim on behalf of our client for his injuries. We obtained expert reports in relation to the pub’s negligence and expert medical reports in relation to our client’s injuries.

We were able to claim compensation for our client’s pain and suffering, lost wages, lost superannuation, out-of-pocket treatment expenses and for the domestic assistance he was receiving around the home. We were able to obtain $170,000 for our client without the need of going to a hearing before the court. Our client was extremely happy with the result and with the hard work and dedication from the experienced team of solicitors at Gerard Malouf and Partners.

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