Man receives the sum of $15,000 following rear end motor vehicle accident

PUBLISHED 27 Mar 2018

Mr T was involved in a collision when he was rear ended by another vehicle. Mr T took three days off work and returned to work and did not take any further time off. He did not require any domestic care and assistance but did have pain and discomfort every now and then which he took medication for. Mr T was unsure whether he had a claim for compensation as the severity of the accident and his injuries weren’t that great. Mr T consulted our offices for advice.

Advice given and action taken:-

Mr T was advised to lodge a personal injury claim form against the CTP insurer which he did. A claim number was allocated to him and he used that claim number to have a few sessions of physiotherapy which assisted him even further.

His GP sent him to have all the relevant scans and these did not show any major abnormality or defect in his spine.

Mr T was then assessed by the various doctors including an orthopaedic surgeon and a psychiatrist and whilst his injuries were reported to be minimal the doctors provided an opinion that he may need some treatment in the future and he may lose a bit of time off work. Even though he was not having any extensive treatment or losing time off work the insurer was prepared to offer him the sum of $15,000.00 to factor in the possibility that he may need the treatment and lose time off work.


Despite having normal x rays and not really taking much time off work Mr T was still able to extract an offer from the insurer and settle the matter. In order to achieve this we simply argued that despite not taking time off work, Mr T was still in pain and certain activities aggravated his symptoms and for this reason he should be entitled to something to factor in the possibility of further loss.

Mr T was very impressed with the settlement as he was not expecting any compensation from the insurer at all. If you have been involved in an accident and you are unsure as to whether it is worthwhile to make a claim then before you make that decision it may be appropriate to discuss the matter with one of our accredited personal injury specialists who can provide you with some advice in relation to your rights and obligations. We also able to see you at one of our many branch offices or provide a home visit also if you are unable to attend due to injury.

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