Machine operator suffers severe crushing injuries in workplace accident

PUBLISHED 07 Dec 2016

During the course of his employment, this machine operator tripped and fell with his left hand into a drive motor of a piece of machinery which wrenched his left hand and arm as well as twisting his neck and back resulting in severe injuries to his left arm and upper body.

He then made a claim for workers compensation which was accepted by the insurer.

He began receiving weekly compensation benefits as well as reasonable and necessary medical expenses.

He consulted the solicitors of Gerard Malouf and Partners who advised him that he had rights to make a claim for lump sum compensation for permanent impairment as a result of his workplace injuries.

Our solicitors then made an Application to WIRO who grant funding to assist and investigate claims for permanent impairment.

Given the severities of our client’s injuries, he was likely to achieve the 11% threshold in order to make a claim for permanent impairment.

He was assessed by an expert doctor at 31% Whole Person Impairment.

The claim was then made on the Workers Compensation Insurer for this benefit.

The insurer then organised their own assessment to have our client assessed for permanent impairment.

The insurer responded by accepting our claim for permanent impairment of 31% WPI.

As a result of his acceptance, he will be paid lump sum compensation to the value of over $60,000.00 which is in addition to his weekly compensation payments and medical expenses.

Because he has achieved a permanent impairment rating of 31% or more, he is classified as an injured worker of highest needs. This means that our client is entitled to weekly compensation payments until his retirement age, as well as reasonable medical expenses payable to him for life.

Given that our client has suffered severe injuries as a result of the workplace incident, he is also being provided with domestic care and assistance in and around his home.

This is yet another example of seriously injured workers being compensated for injuries as a result of a workplace accident.

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