Machine labourer receives $290,000 compensation for motor cycle accident

PUBLISHED 21 Jan 2015

Out Client has recently received an award of $290,000.00 by way of compensation for the injuries he received in a motor cycle accident

On 11 November 2013 our Client was riding his motor cycle with a pillion passenger when another care failed to stop at a stop sign and hit our Client. The accident occurred on Baker Street Mayfield, NSW.

Our Client was taken to Hospital by ambulance and was discharged the same day. As a result of the accident our Client sustained injuries to his right leg, fractures to his right knee, right elbow, lower back, neck and fractures to his ribs.

Our Client attended upon his GP and was referred to orthopaedic surgeon who acknowledged that our Client would require a knee replacement in the future. Amongst other treatment our Client received physiotherapy, and would require revisionary scans every 3 years.

At the time of the accident our Client was employed by Hunter Recycling as a machine labourer. He worked 38 hours per week. As a result of the accident our Client had to take 2 months off work while his legs was immobilised. Upon returning he was assigned light duties and office work. We were able to claim these losses back for our Client.

Our Client was in good hands having Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law, Vrege Kolokossian looking after her claim. He asserted that her injuries overcame the 10% whole person impairment threshold and argued the matter before the Motor Accidents Authority who authorised an independent assessor to determine the issue. 

Our Client’s injuries were assessed at 11% whole person impairment entitling our Client to damages for pain and suffering as a result of his accident.

Collecting evidence of the disabilities our Client had around the home Vrege was also able to make ample claims for the future domestic care and assistance requirements of our Client.

Mr Kolokossian was also able to obtain compensation for the knee replacement surgery that our Client would require in the future as well as all other associated expenses, including visits to doctors, medication and x-rays.

At Gerard Malouf and Partners, we pride ourselves on our ability to negotiate matters and find a resolution for without the waste of time and the costs of the court process.

This was the outcome for our Client, Vrege Kolokossian was able to secure compensation for our Client in the amount of over $290,000.00 without having to incur the costs of a hearing before the Motor Accidents Authority.

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