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Injured worker who received psychological injuries during the course of her employment receives lump-sum compensation

Employed as a registration clerk, our client experienced severe bullying and harassment during her time at work. As a result of the ongoing bullying and harassment, our client suffered severe psychological injuries and submitted a claim with the workers’ compensation insurer. Our client contacted Gerard Malouf and Partners to commence a lump sum claim.

We organized our client to be assessed by one of our medico-legal doctors and were able to obtain from our client the clinical notes/medical records from all her treating doctors. Once received, our office carefully reviewed this material to ensure our client’s assessment of her injuries were both accurate and investigated in-depth.

Once our office obtained the necessary evidence, we were able to file the matter to the Workers Compensation Commission and have the matter referred to an Approved Medical Specialist.

The insurer is trying to prevent our client from receiving any lump sum compensation, raised the argument that the injuries were due to a previous history of psychological problems. As we had constructed our client’s case in a clear and precise manner, the Approved Medical Specialist ultimately ruled that our client suffered from 17% Whole Person Impairment and that this impairment rating is work-related.

This was a wonderful result for our client as not only did she receive lump sum compensation but as she was assessed above 15% Whole Person Impairment, she is now pursuing with our firm a Work Injury Damages claim (negligence claim) against her employer.

If you live in a rural, regional or remote area, do not be discouraged. Gerard Malouf and Partners can help you recover a deserved amount of compensation for your work injury.

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