Lump Sum Compensation Payment for Dermatitis Contracted in the Workplace

PUBLISHED 18 Jul 2017

Our client worked at a hospital for over 30 years as a kitchenhand. Her employment at the hospital required constant exposure and contact to cleaning chemicals and detergents.

This lead to our client developing chronic dermatitis in both her hands. She often experienced very painful symptoms where the skin on her hands would crack and bleed leaving her in excruciating pain which forced her to take days, and even months off work. She also developed dermatitis in her feet and legs.

Under the Workers Compensation Scheme, if you are injured at work you are entitled to three main forms of compensation.

  1. Compensation  for  medical expenses incurred and related travel expenses;
  2. Weekly payments for a set period while you are unable to work; and
  3. A lump sum payment for your Permanent Impairment.

Gerard Malouf & Partners have a fast track claim management policy whereby once the injuries have stabilised our lawyers organise our own doctors to examine our clients for the purposes of obtaining a report dealing with the history of the injury, the current symptoms and addressing any ongoing difficulties.  We have expert knowledge and experience to ensure that we have you assessed by the most appropriate doctor to maximize you compensation entitlements.

Gerard Malouf and Partners are experts at getting you the highest possible impairment evaluation through our skills in determining who the most suitable medical specialist will be for your case. This can make a great difference to the amount of compensation you recover. We had our Client assessed to have a Whole Person Impairment rating of 17%.

To be eligible to bring proceedings for a Work Injury Damages Claim, a Whole Person Impairment evaluation of 15% or greater needs to be achieved.

Furthermore, this settlement gives our client the opportunity to recover damages if she decides to pursue a Work Injury Damages claim.

If you live in a rural, regional or remote area, do not be discouraged. Gerard Malouf and Partners can help you recover a deserved amount of compensation for your work injury.

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