Legal Aspects of Making Silicosis Compensation Claims

PUBLISHED 01 Jul 2013

Working with sandstone or exposure to silica dust mainly causes the occupational disease Silicosis, which thereby severely affects the health of the person. Sufferer from the condition loses body stamina and strength, making one prone to conditions of various lung diseases. The medical ailment is caused by the long-term and high intensity exposure of silica dust, so the victim have the complete right to make a personal injury claim to the company, and ask for compensation.

What is Silicosis?

Silicosis is an occupational health hazard mainly caused by prolonged exposure to silica dust. The people working with sandstone have the high chances of suffering with Silicosis. When the silica dust particles are inhaled or ingested, the particles get deposited in the lining of the lungs. Silicosis leads to the formation of large nodules in the upper portion of the lungs, which obstruct the flow of air in and out making it difficult to expand and contract. The symptoms generally show after five year duration of exposure to silica dust particles, which include breathing problem, chest pain and dry mouth.

Continuous exposure can sometimes lead to adverse Pulmonary Massive Fibrosis which shortens the life span of the victim. Owing to the safety issues associated with silica dust, victims can file for compensation claims. 

Legal Aspects of Claiming for Silicosis

Silicosis is a difficult ground to file for claim. The legal battle is very strict and complicated to win compensation. In the last few years, number of claims have been filed, but most of them have been rejected due to insufficient evidence.

This is where hiring legal experts can be beneficial. Legal experts can guide you about the laws, help you understand the importance of evidence you need to collect, check your claims, reassess your condition and represent you in the court. They can help you achieve what’s your right.

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