Legal Aspects of Claiming For Silicosis

PUBLISHED 26 Jun 2013

Silicosis is not just any other occupational hazard. It is responsible for reduced life span along with difficulty in occupational, personal and social front. Caused by overexposure to silica dust, the illness reduces stamina and slowly deteriorates body’s functions and immunity. Workers working in sandstone are prone to this medical condition. Moreover, victims of silica can file for compensation, asking organization to claim their liability.

What is Silicosis?

Silicosis is a form of lung disease which is caused by the long-term exposure or high intensity exposure to the silica dust mainly working with sandstone. It is a chronic inflammatory lung condition where the dust particles lodged in the linings of the lungs when inhaled. The build-up of dust in the linings of lungs led to the formation of hard nodules in the upper portion of the lungs which causes obstruction in the passage of air in and out. The breathing defect leads to chest pain, dry mouth and fatigue. Since it is an occupational condition, the individual can make personal injury claim making the company responsible and ask for compensation.

Legal Aspects of Claiming for Silicosis

Over the years, hundreds and thousands of cases have been filed by grieving victims of silica, claiming compensation for themselves and their families. But most of these cases have either not received adequate compensation or did not win the case at all. Even though filing a lawsuit is easy, fighting and getting affordable representation in the court is difficult.

This is when a good legal advisory firm can do wonders. In fact, the firm you choose largely decides whether or not you will be able to win a case of not. Although it is true that no company can guarantee a win, yet a good law firm can ensure that you get best possible advice and representation.

Which law firm should you choose for your silicosis case?

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