Legal Aspects for Making Dust Related Diseases Claims

PUBLISHED 20 Jun 2013

Dust related diseases like asbestosis; pneumoconiosis, silicosis etc. are responsible for health adversities with the workers as well as debilitating occupational and personal life. The adverse condition reduces strength and body functions. Since, the major reason of all medical ailments are occupational hazards, the individual can file for claim from the responsible company by demanding maintenance.

What’s the definition of dust related diseases?

Medical conditions covered in the Dust Diseases Act, 1989 are considered as dust related diseases. Most of them include conditions like asbestosis, pneumoconiosis and silicosis, which are caused due to overexposure or long term, unsafe exposure to asbestos, coal dust or silica. The dust related diseases are threat to healthy human body causing breathing problems, chest pain, coughing blood, dry mouth and fatigue. The symptoms generally appear after a long time of exposure to the dust particles. Not all dust diseases come under the category of negligence and compensation. A victim or his family has to prove that the medical condition of the victim is caused due to exposure to dust in occupational setting.

Learning the legal aspects of claiming for dust related diseases

Claiming or making demands on the ground of occupational diseases is difficult, with lesser results than other injury, negligence claims. Occupational hazards come with several limitations, as the victim needs evidence to support negligence from the organization in terms of safety measures and also needs to prove that the condition is debilitating and caused by overexposure.

Therefore, the primary requirement is that of a legal expert. Hiring professional independent lawyer and consulting a law firm that goes through the medical condition by assessment of respiratory physicians, epidemiologists, environmental toxicologists who determines that the dust disease fits into the category or not before making any kind of claim or demand.

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