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Legal aspects for Making Coal Dust & Hard Metal Pneumoconiosis Compensation Claims

Since 1970’s, when the first case of Pneumoconiosis came into light, several studies have been conducted to establish the link between lung diseases and jobs. Pneumoconiosis is a name especially given to occupational lung diseases, which are majorly caused by jobs such as mining, production of asbestos, silica, iron and bauxite. It has also been established that dusts such as coal dust, silica, iron and beryllium dust are responsible for pneumoconiosis, which consequently reduces the ability to work and can be a crucial factor behind acquiring of malign conditions like lung cancer.

Ideally, hard dust pneumoconiosis and coal dust pneumoconiosis (also called coal worker’s pneumoconiosis) is caused due to lack of safety measures. Therefore, the victim or their family can file a legal suit, asking the concerned organization to take the blame for negligence and provide compensation for the problem caused.

Assessment of Pneumoconiosis- what constitutes as occupational hazard

Pneumoconiosis has a variety of symptoms, such as shortness of breath, rheumatoid nodules and lung cancer which may be associated with other medical conditions as well. But unlike other conditions, pneumoconiosis is only caused by inhalation of different types of dust in occupational settings, such as during mining or coal dust. Hence, to claim compensation, patient or victim’s family must prove in the court that the condition is an occupational hazard caused due to negligence in safety measures.

Can you fight a coal dust & hard metal pneumoconiosis case on your own?

Ideally, it is best to opt for a specialized legal firm to help you deal with the crises. Having a medical condition as intense as pneumoconiosis is overwhelming in itself, you don’t need to deal with the painful troubles of fighting a case in court. You rather need expert to help you deal with the law suit.

A good law firm will not just listen to your case, but will also assess your medical condition, consider the appropriate claim amount and provide the required legal and emotional support. Gerard Malouf Partners Compensation Lawyers is a law firm with expertise in handling insurance, claims and negligence compensations. With more than 29 years of experience and over 15000 successful cases, the company has raised more than a billion dollars for its clients. Their first free consultation is an eye opener in itself, giving you the opportunity to decide about the course of action on your own.

Gerard Malouf Partners Compensation Lawyers also work on ‘No win, no fee,’ criteria for claimers with less than average income. Therefore, you don’t really have to worry about paying expert lawyer fees unless you have won your claims. Contact us now on 1800 004 878 to make an appointment to discuss your hard dust pneumoconiosis and coal dust pneumoconiosis case.

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