Legal Aspects for Making Claims for other scheduled dust diseases (Aluminosis, Bagassosis, Berrylliosis, Byssinosis, Farmer’s Lung, Silico Tuberculosis, Talcosis)

PUBLISHED 24 Jun 2013

Over the years, hundreds and thousands of people have suffered from medical ailments that are a consequence of occupational hazards. Dust diseases caused by overexposure or long term exposure to silica, asbestos, sugar cane dust, beryllium bearing dust and cotton have reduced the occupational expectancy of many. But now, you can file for compensation and ask the organization to claim liability.

What exactly are other scheduled dust diseases?

There are a number of dust diseases which adversely affects the health of the person causing breathing difficulties, chest pain, wheezing, dry mouth and shortness of breath. The symptoms are generally seen after five or more years of being exposed to dust particles. The other scheduled dust diseases major includes:

  • Aluminosis: Pneumoconiosis caused by inhaling aluminum containing dust particles.
  • Bagassosis: The disease is caused by the inflammation of lungs when exposed to sugar cane dust or bagasse.
  • Berylliosis: The ailment is the result of inhaling the beryllium bearing dust.
  • Byssinosis: The inflammation of lungs is caused by inhaling cotton, flax, or hemp dust.
  • Farmer’s Lung: The disease affects the lungs majorly by inhaling particles from biological rotting materials like the mould spores from hay. It causes inflammation and hypersensitivity in lungs.
  • Silico-tuberculosis: Inhaling silica dust causes Tuberculosis.
  • Talcosis: Pneumoconiosis due to high intensity inhalation of Talc particles

Knowing the legal aspects of claiming other dust diseases

Applying for a claim is easy, but compensation and a win in lawsuit are as difficult as you can imagine. Considering that the laws are complicated and organizations can trick the court into believing that they follow strict safety measures, you need to have someone, a good legal advisor to represent you in court, who can make assessments of your condition as well as safety measures and prove the organization liable for your medical condition.

Why selecting the best legal advisors?

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