Legal Aspects for Claiming other scheduled dust diseases (Aluminosis, Bagassosis, Berrylliosis, Byssinosis, Farmer’s Lung, Silico Tuberculosis, Talcosis)

PUBLISHED 17 Jun 2013

Despite several debates and laws that have been formulated for protection of people from occupational hazards, a large number of workers end up suffering with debilitating medical conditions such as aluminosis, berrylliosis, byssinois, silico tunerculosis, talcosis and farmer’s lung diseases. These occupational diseases end up deteriorating social and occupational functioning. But you have the right to demand compensation.

What exactly are other scheduled dust diseases?

There are a number of dust diseases which adversely affects the health of the person causing breathing difficulties, chest pain, wheezing, dry mouth and shortness of breath. The symptoms are generally seen after five or more years of being exposed to dust particles. Some of the common scheduled dust diseases are-

  • Aluminosis: Pneumoconiosis caused by inhaling aluminum containing dust particles.
  • Bagassosis: The disease is caused by the inflammation of lungs when exposed to sugar cane dust or bagasse.
  • Berylliosis: The ailment is the result of inhaling the beryllium bearing dust.
  • Byssinosis: The inflammation of lungs is caused by inhaling cotton, flax, or hemp dust.
  • Farmer’s Lung: The disease affects the lungs majorly by inhaling particles from biological rotting materials like the mould spores from hay. It causes inflammation and hypersensitivity in lungs.
  • Silico-tuberculosis: Inhaling silica dust causes Tuberculosis.
  • Talcosis: Pneumoconiosis due to high intensity inhalation of Talc particles.

Claims- Difficult to secure without excellent legal advice

Over the years, hundreds and thousands of people have filed for claims for these scheduled dust diseases, but only a few have been able to secure desired compensation. Hence, you need the support of an excellent legal advisor, who not just assesses the case and studies the safety measures of the organization, but also makes sure that your claims are rightly filed, you are advised in your best interest and supported in your endeavors by representing you in the court.

Why selecting the best legal advisors?

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