Legal Aspects for Claiming For Coal Dust and Hard Metal Pneumoconiosis

PUBLISHED 19 Jun 2013

Even after high intensity debates about possible health adversities associated with certain jobs, occupational diseases are rampant, with sufferers dealing with medical conditions as debilitating as coal dust or hard metal Pneumoconiosis resulting from exposure to coal dust from mines, hard metal dust from cobalt, tungsten etc. These different types of dust cause some severe health damage which reduces body functions and strength. The sufferer on the basis of medical condition can hold the company liable. But before you file any claims, make sure you know what these occupational diseases are.

What is actually Coal Dust/Hard Metal Pneumoconiosis?

Pneumoconiosis is a type of lung condition caused by inhaling high intensity or long term dust particles like coal dust, metal dust, asbestos etc. The dust particles inhaled get accumulated in lungs and obstruct contraction and expansion of lungs. It also causes fibrosis or scarring of the lung tissues which leads to breathing difficulty, shortness of breath, chest pain and dry mouth. The signs are shown after few years of first being exposed to dust. If you or someone you know have been diagnosed with this condition, you can claim compensation by filing a lawsuit.

To understand the legal aspects of claiming for Pneumoconiosis

Demanding claims for different occupational dust diseases have never been easy, whether it is for Pneumoconiosis from coal dust or hard metal dust. But if you or someone you know suffers because of negligence in safety measures, then you can file a claim.

Filing lawsuit is the only legal way to get the claim, but the legal case is too complex to be handled by oneself. The matter needs legal advisors like an experienced independent lawyer or a law firm that studies the case detail, assesses the safety nature of the company, looks for loopholes, represents you in the court of law and supports you throughout.

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