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Legal aspects for Claiming for Asbestosis

Over the years, the use of asbestos has increased in a number of industries. Because of chemical properties, the product has been used materials like drywall, plasters, mud coats, floor tiles, sheeting, thermal pipe insulators to name a few. This has led to an increase in production of asbestos and a consequent rise in the number of asbestosis- a medical condition associated with inhalation of asbestos fibres.

This occupational disease is known for its debilitating actions, especially in personal and professional front. Therefore, victims can file for compensation and claims, asking the employing organization to pay for their negligence. But the process is long and difficult. Before opting for a legal suit, check out the brief description of this medical illness.

What’s Asbestosis?

A breathing disorder, asbestosis is a medical condition which is caused by inhalation of asbestos fibres. The victims are diagnosed with the illness only after long term exposure to fibres or intense exposure over a shorter period of time. These fibres lead to scarring of lung tissues, which in turn results in shortness of breath- also known as severe dyspnoea.

Asbestosis is not just responsible for dyspnoea, but it is rather a symptom for malign illnesses. Since 1970’s researches have linked asbestosis to medical conditions like lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Is it an occupational hazard?

The first cases of asbestosis came into light in the mid-1970. Since then several studies have been conducted, which have established a positive relationship between asbestosis and production of asbestos. Therefore, the condition mostly occurs to those who work with asbestos fibres or those who are exposed to its handling, mining or removal. This is way it is an occupational lung disease, a hazard.

The chances of having asbestosis are effectively reduced if the employers or the organization follows strict safety procedure. Since it is an occupational hazard, hence victims can demand compensation and file claims.

All you need to know about filing asbestosis claims

Filing a legal suit is easy; all you have to do is fill the paperwork. But the overall legal process is tedious, especially because you have to prove that the employers or concerned organization hasn’t followed safety guidelines. This is where a good law firm can support you.

When it comes to finding a law firm, you don’t really need to burn a hole in your pocket. This holds true for Gerard Malouf Partners Compensation Lawyers. Our firm has been known for its compensation specialist lawyers who endeavour to help you get your rightful claim. They study your medical condition, access the options, evaluate safety conditions and fight for your justice in the court of law. Plus, they work for ‘No win, no fee,’ policy for claimers below average income. With more than 15000 successful compensation cases and over a billion won for the clients, this one is your trusted partner.

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