Legal Aspects for Claiming Dust Related Diseases

PUBLISHED 18 Jun 2013

Dust related diseases are the common cause of health hazards to all workers exposed to high intensity dust particles. The medical ailments caused by different types of dust like metal, asbestos; coal etc. severely affect health of the people reducing body functions and stamina. The individual with such medical condition can make personal injury claim to the company responsible and ask for compensation.

Brief idea about Dust Related Diseases

Speaking of dust related diseases the main question is, are all the ailments caused by dust particles deserve claim? The answer is strictly No! Only the dust related diseases under the Dust Diseases Act, 1989 can bring claim to the damages done. Occupational dust diseases can cause problems such as breathing difficulty, chest pain, wheezing, fatigue and dry mouth. And this is where an individual suffering can file for claims to the employer of the company and ask for required maintenance.

Understanding legal aspects of claiming for dust related diseases

Dust related diseases are certainly a difficult ground for claiming any demand, asking for liability or compensation. Although, people file hundreds of legal cases just to get claims or compensation based on the medical condition of the respective individual, yet only a few are able to secure compensation. For the same, one needs to prove that the organization followed substandard safety measures and the exposure had either been severe or long in duration.

This is one of the prime reasons behind claim lawsuits being termed controversial, sensitive and complex. So it is best to look forward for experienced professional help like an independent lawyer or a law firm that study about the case details, consults with highly qualified respiratory physicians, epidemiologists, environmental toxicologist’s etc. to understand the medical condition qualifies of compensation or not before making any kind of claim or demand news to the company. At the same time, getting a legal advisor is not just about filing claims and getting your case assessed. It is also about getting someone to represent you and support you in your ordeals.

The role of Dust Related Diseases legal advisors

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