Large payout by Workers compensation insurer for impairment and pain and suffering

PUBLISHED 05 May 2014

Though there has been significant changes to the workers compensation scheme, which has been restrictive on lump sum benefits for impairment and also pain and suffering, we continue to achieve high compensation payouts for injured workers.

What seems to be a constant regularity is that the insurance company have been eager to resolve lump sum compensation based on the claim that we have set out.

In a very recent case our client was astonished when he received a total amount of approximately $75,000.00 for lump sum benefits. The compensation was paid for his impairment and pain and suffering. At Gerard Malouf & Partner we pride ourselves in achieving big results and we are very skilled at how to achieve this.

In this case the injured worker had a level of impairment which exceeded 25% whole person impairment, attracting a very high amount in compensation. The claim was set out by us in a way that there be very little by way of deduction of the impairment level for pre-existing condition.

As insurer’s do, they tried to downplay the severity of the work injury in this case by suggesting there is a pre-existing condition. However, once we had set out proper factual and supportive medical evidence, there was a change of tone by the insurer who then accepted the claim.

We find ourselves here at Gerard Malouf & Partners workers compensation lawyers that insurers have little opportunity to dispute claims as we ensure that all available supportive evidence are presented early in the proceedings. By ensuring proper supportive evidence are made available, we are achieving very satisfactory results. This is very pleasing to us and particularly pleasing for our deserved clients.

At Gerard Malouf & Partners, we have full faith in our skills in preparing our cases and therefore know that the outcome will be satisfactory. This particular client had full faith in our work and obviously he is a very satisfied and pleased customer.

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