Landlord’s Negligence leads to $100,000 Compensation

PUBLISHED 18 Apr 2013

On 14 February 2011, our client was moving into her new house after having signed a twelve month rental contract. She was walking down the front steps of the property when the bottom of her sandals got caught on a chipped concrete step, causing her to fall heavily onto the side of the concrete path below. The fall caused our client to hit the side of the house and twist her left ankle. Our client sustained significant injuries to her left foot, including a fracture to the clavicular bone in her left foot and soft tissue injury to her left ankle. The very next day, in attempting to ascent the steps of her property, our client once again stumbled and her left knee struck the steps.

The cumulation of the two accidents resulted in our client’s left leg being placed in a cast for seven weeks. Our client had to use crutches to get around and attend to her everyday activities. She was unable to work for a long period of time following the accident due to the severity of her injuries. Our client suffered from a great amount of economic loss due to her loss of potential income earnings and medical bills. Further she was unable to attend to her household duties, such as vacuuming and mowing the lawn. That is, to a large degree, our client was impaired in a multitude of ways.

Our client wanted a firm who would take her case seriously and efficiently. She did not want to waste her time, effort and money on a law firm who would approach the issue half-heartedly. This is why she chose Gerard Malouf & Partners. Our knowledgeable solicitors take on every case with enthusiasm and passion. One of our solicitors who specialises in public liability was able to gather all relevant information within a short period of time. This enabled her to successfully launch a statement of claim against the landlord. Our compensation lawyers were able to secure the client a claim of $100,000.00 in an informal settlement conference.

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