Injury on Leisure Cruise in Cairns Results in Significant Compensation for Overseas Doctor

PUBLISHED 06 May 2014

We recently represented a Doctor from the USA who some years ago was travelling with his wife in Australia.

Both he and his wife went on a cruise in far north Queensland and sustained injuries on the boat.

They contacted Gerard Malouf & Partners compensation lawyers to see if we were able to assist them notwithstanding the fact that they lived overseas. They put their trust into our expertise and experience.

We were quickly able to obtain initial instructions and after considering how the accident happened we advised our client that we believed he had reasonable prospects to pursue a claim for compensation.

Whilst the laws in Queensland are slightly different the expertise of the staff at Gerard Malouf & Partners and in particular, Reg Kolokossian, an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law, was able to quickly put into place an application for claim in the Queensland jurisdiction. Our client who was a Doctor in the United States sustained injuries which essentially meant that they caused him some ongoing level of discomfort in performing his day to day duties.

We were able to qualify Doctors from our Specialist Panels in Northern America. We communicated with our client via Skype and also email.

It was clear that clients from anywhere in the World are now able to provide us with instructions and we are confidently able to prosecute their claims when they have sustained injuries in Australia. We have current clients from all over the World who have successful cases in Australia due to our expertise.

As the accident occurred on a boat we qualified an expert on liability to look at the ship’s crew and captain who were responsible. The expert confirmed our view.

We were able to meet with the Doctor in the USA and obtained up to date and further instructions from him.

We proceeded to have a compulsory conference as is required under Queensland law to try to settle the matter and conveyed settlement offers whilst at the same time commencing Court Proceedings.

The matter proceeded by way of a further Mediation for the purpose of having one last attempt to settle the claim before the matter was listed for Hearing.

We gathered evidence in relation to our client’s economic loss, his earnings, details of treatment that he had received and ongoing restrictions.

We qualified one of our experienced Barristers in Brisbane and in conference with that Barrister prepared lengthy submissions which were made to the insurer and their Solicitors.

Finally after further lengthy negotiations the matter was finally resolved. Our client Doctor in the USA was very happy with the final outcome congratulating the staff at Gerard Malouf & Partners.

This is another case where a client from overseas put his faith in Gerard Malouf & Partners and trusted them to maximize the compensation obtained.

We continued to be in touch with our client and communicated with him so he was constantly appraised of the claim. His trust was rewarded by our aggressive approach to the insurer and their Solicitors with regards to maximizing the result.

If you have travelled to any parts of Australia and sustained injuries it is important to contact us immediately so as we can advise you of your rights. It is essential that you have a firm with Accredited Specialists in personal injury an as such are able to deal with matters Australia wide.

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