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Importance of choosing the right lawyer for your medical negligence claim

As with all areas of personal injury, and particularly medical negligence, it is imperative your solicitors have access to the right experts and doctors. As highlighted in Morocz v Marshman [2015] NSWSC 149, a New South Wales Court can exclude an expert’s opinion and evidence if they lack the proper qualifications and experience. In Morocz v Marshman, the plaintiff’s expert evidence, critical of the operation performed at a major Sydney hospital,  was inadmissible on a number of grounds including the experts were not qualified to give evidence on the matters in dispute and they offered opinions outside their areas of expertise. The plaintiff’s experts offered “no identifiable reasoning to support [their] conclusions” and therefore were inadmissible and unable to assist the plaintiff in supporting allegations of the surgeon’s medical negligence.

We here at Gerard Malouf & Partners have access to dozens of the right expert doctors and specialists to support your potential claim for personal injury. Our experts have decades of training and experience in their particular fields and have the specialized knowledge and skills to support their conclusions in a court of law. Operating on a no win no fee basis, you will pay no money up front for access to our extensive list of experts and medical professionals.

Gerard Malouf & Partners’ knowledge and understanding of the law, combined with our ability to ask the right questions, keep our experts focused and specific to their areas of expertise ultimately giving the courts the information they require to decide a claim in public liability or medical negligence. We here at Gerard Malouf & Partners have created the perfect synergy between solicitor and doctor/expert necessary to define the medical issues in dispute and get the qualified answers required to support your claim for medical negligence compensation.

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