How often are NSW workers injured?

PUBLISHED 29 Nov 2018

Workplace injuries and their prevalence

Workplace injuries are defined as those that occur in the workplace. These can happen during work or a work break, or when the employee's activity is under the control of an employer – including road traffic accidents while on duty and injuries that occurred while an employee was working at a location other than their normal workplace.

In 2016/17, a total of 24,414 major workplace injuries were reported, according to the NSW Government. The same report shows that males accounted for the majority of these injuries (68 per cent) – especially those in the age groups of 20-24, 25-29, 30-34 and 45-49. For the 32 per cent of females, the highest number of workplace injuries was found within the 50-54 and 55-59 age groups.

Agriculture, forestry and fishing was the industry with the highest incidence rates of workplace injuries (21.3 injuries per 1,000 employees), followed by manufacturing and construction (13.1 injuries per 1,000 employees).

How much do these injuries cost the country?

The Statistical Bulletin also reveals the financial impact these workplace injuries have on the economy. The gross incurred cost of the 24,414 workplace injuries that occurred in 2016/17 was $671 million. This boiled down to an average cost of $27,486 per injury.

In the same time period, this high number of workplace injuries cost employers a total of 265,217 weeks of lost work – with an average of 11.1 weeks per injury.

What happens if you incur a workplace injury?

If you sustain an injury in the workplace, you're entitled to make a workers' compensation claim. However, due to the various legislation surrounding workplace injuries, determining which path to take can become tricky.

In any case, it's important to notify your employer as soon as the incident occurs. They can then report the accident and take the appropriate measures to ensure your injury is dealt with correctly. However, if you feel your injury was caused as a result of your employer's negligent action, you'll need to identify the appropriate breach of duty of care.

This is where it pays to have the experts on hand to guide you through what can be a difficult process. Get in touch with the team at Gerard Malouf & Partners today to see how we can help you submit a workers' compensation claim.

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