Holidaying UK Aerospace mechanic received over $45,000 in car accident compensation

PUBLISHED 18 May 2017

Our client was a 61 year old aerospace mechanic, who was the driver of a vehicle which was stationary at a set of traffic lights. The driver of another vehicle apparently feel sleep at the wheel and has colided with the rear of our clients vehicle.

As a result of the collision our client has sustained injuries to his neck, left shoulder, left arm and lower back. Our client required extensive medical treatment including medication and physiotherapy.

The client had extensive injuries to this neck back and shoulder, having been involved in 2 previous motor vehicle accidents, and a slipped disc in the years leading up to the subject accident. Our client claimed that these injuries did not affect him on a day to day level. David Cossalter then obtained a report from an expert orthopaedic surgeon which was able to identify and apportion the amount of extra damage which was received from the most recent accident.

At the time of the accident our client was on holiday in Australia, his usual occupation was as an aerospace mechanic in the UK. The claimant was due to return to work on 3 August however was unable to do so for another week. As a result of the injuries sustained our client continued to have regular sick days.

Knowing that our client would continue to need sick days David Cossalter was able to factor in the average amount of day which our client would be absent from work each year. Using this number David was able to assert the amount of sick days which our client would continue to take for this rest of his working life.

At Gerard Malouf and Partners we pride ourselves on our ability to negotiate matters and find a resolution for you, without the waste of time and the costs of the court process.

Once David Cossalter had obtained all the evidence required to make our client’s case he invited the insurer to a settlement conference. After an initial offer of $70,000.00 David was able to convince to insurer to make a final payout of over $45,000.00 to our client. Our Client walked away very happy.

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