High School Girl Loses Mother Due to Delays in Diagnosis Receives $140,000 Compensation

PUBLISHED 21 Aug 2017

Our client suffered the loss of her mother when she was still in high school in 2012 as a result of breast cancer.

The deceased consulted a GP in late 2007 several times with a lump in her right breast. It was alleged that the Defendant GP did not refer the deceased to any specialist or arrange for a follow up consultation or arrange for a mammogram, nor develop a system to monitor the lump. The Defendant GP told her it was nothing to worry about. Consequently, in June 2010, after seeking a second opinion, the doctor ordered a mammogram and ultrasound, and diagnosed the deceased with breast cancer.

Despite conducting a total right mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the deceased’s condition worsened and eventually passed away in 2012. Our client was with the deceased from 2008 onwards and was with the deceased on a 24 hour basis during her final days at palliative care before passing away. This led to our client suffering a chronic adjustment disorder, depression and anxiety, as well as experiencing immense stress and difficulty in her schooling and day to day life.

Upon presenting to our firm, Mr Abboud and his team studied the case and conducted investigations into the passing of our client’s mother. After relentless investigations, Mr Abboud obtained the opinion at no upfront cost to the Plaintiff of a highly regarded surgeon. It was concluded that when the deceased presented to the Defendant GP, breast cancer was possible and always needed to be excluded, and that breast cancer can vary widely at the initial presentation with respect to the age of the patient. It was also concluded that the deceased was not properly examined during a period of two years, and the Defendant’s delay was more likely than not the cause of the delay in breast cancer diagnosis.

By progressively pursuing this matter and understanding the urgency of which to act on quality medical evidence, Mr Abboud and his specialist medical negligence team, as well as an expert barrister, quickly brought legal proceedings against the GP. The matter ultimately settled for $140,000.00. We hope this will assist her with moving on with her life, and we trust that this settlement will assist her increasing her quality of life.

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