Gerard Malouf & Partners have been appointed a panel lawyer for the ambulance Association of New South Wales

PUBLISHED 21 Mar 2014

We are pleased to announce that Gerard Malouf & Partners Compensation Lawyers have been appointed a panel lawyer for the ambulance Association of New South Wales through their union known as EMSPA.

We will be  assisting them as their members require, with general legal affairs,  particularly personal injury aspects covering  compensation, negligence, motor vehicle accident compensation and superannuation matters that may arise from time to time.

The Association EMPSA represents thousands of loyal and dedicated ambulance personnel throughout the New South Wales region. Frankly they are underpaid and work extraordinary hours protecting the safety of all Australians and rarely does the public appreciate their professionalism, commitment, loyalty not to mention the enormous personal risks they take upon themselves daily involving incredibly stressful conditions.

The work performed by the members is invaluable to the welfare of all Australian citizens. They are honourable and exceptional Australians.

At Gerard Malouf & Partners Compensation Lawyers we offer compensation legal services covering motor vehicle accidents, public liability accidents, any form of general legal advice about employment and medical law advice including medical negligence issues.

We’re proud to be associated with EMSPA members.  Gerard Malouf and Partners has over 14 offices in New South Wales covering both the Sydney metropolitan area and  all regional country areas. We undertake to perform services always on a no-win no fee basis and look forward to being of service.

We are very proud and honoured to be one of eight law firms on the panel of EMSPA for  the New South Wales Ambulance Association members. 

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