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Gerard Malouf and Partners Secures Large Slip & Fall Settlement for Client who was Turned Away by Another Firm

Our client was at his local supermarket when he slipped and fell on some water, which had been spilt by another customer, he was turned away by another firm on the basis that the claim was not large enough to warrant their attention. When a person’s rights are involved, no claim is too small for Gerard Malouf and Partner.

As a result of the way in which our client fell he suffered injuries to his right knee and fractured his leg. An ambulance was called for our client however the supermarket didn’t render much assistance otherwise.

The ambulance took our client to hospital where he was treated for his injuries. Our client underwent surgery to correct the fracture he suffered from the fall.

Following the surgery our client was restricted and could not maintain the same levels of independence which he had enjoyed previously. Our client was unable to live on his own following his surgery and had to move into his brother’s home whilst he recovered.

Our client had previously approached another firm about his matter, but was told that it was not a financially viable claim. Our client then called Gerard Malouf and Partners to get a second opinion. Upon receiving the first call from our client David Cossalter arranged a conference with him to discuss his options. David advised our client of the legal process surrounding his claim so that our client understood what was happening and why. Our client was elated by the difference between Gerard Malouf and Partners and the firm he had previously approached. Our client instructed David in his matter because he felt that he could trust David to handle his claim in a professional and diligent manner, and to secure the best result possible.

After receiving instructions to act in this matter David contacted the other side’s solicitors. David then obtained clinical notes from our client’s treating doctors and hospitals, and arranged for our client to see a specialist medico-legal doctor. The other side made an offer of settlement of $50,000 after having viewed the medical evidence of our client’s injuries. Our client was more than happy to accept this offer as he felt that it was a true reflection of his injuries. Our client was also happy that his matter was settled quickly, and that he could move on with his life.

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