Farm assistant in the Mudgee area receives over half a million dollars in compensation for work injury

PUBLISHED 29 Nov 2016

Produce workers in our country areas work in harsh and very strenuous conditions. Injuries are common but with a toughened attitude, farm workers just carry on with the task at hand with little time for whining.

At Gerard Malouf & Partners we were able to assist a low income earning farm assistant to achieve work injury compensation of close to $600,000.00.  What made this claim intriguing is the initial complaints by our client which were strictly relating to his shoulders.  For several years, the injury was identified as a shoulder injury and nothing more.  Our client received a minor lump sum amount for his impairment claim and weekly compensation benefits for a restricted period.

Although we are not doctors, we are experts at personal injury and are familiar with various types of injuries based on the complaints made.  For this particular farm assistant, it was recommended by us that he seek further review of a neck injury as being a possible cause of his ongoing numbing pain to his arms.  Having undergone further scans, it was determined that the cause of his shoulder problems stem from the neck and what had eventuated from that was a neck fusion.

Once the medical issue had finally been determined, we were able to step it up here at Gerard Malouf & Partners and with that he received an additional lump sum payment in a further deterioration claim. The impairment at that stage had also satisfied the threshold for him to pursue a Work Injury Damages claim (a Common Law negligent claim). The end result being well over half a million dollars in compensation for this farm hand.

With an expertise in personal injury, lawyers at Gerard Malouf & Partners are quite familiar with medical terminology and causation.  We never provide our clients with medical opinion though we do not hesitate when it comes to questioning uncertainties and inconsistencies in medical diagnosis.  Of course we only do this for the advantage of our clients and although work injury compensation is a wonderful thing, health and fitness of individuals is a priority.

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