Family Of Five Receive Combined Pay Out Of $340,000.00 Due To Negligent Medical Treatment Provided To A Family Member

PUBLISHED 28 Jul 2017

A family of five were left deeply distraught and personally affected by the loss of a beloved family member which was caused by mistreatment provided by a prominent New South Wales Hospital and a local General Practitioner. The psychological distress suffered by the family as a result of losing a loved one was significant and warranted a combined payout of $340,000.00.

In July 2015 the deceased was admitted to a hospital and subsequently diagnosed with a brain tumour. The doctors and medical staff of the hospital made the decision to operate on the tumour in late July 2015. The deceased had a pre-existing history of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism and therefore, it was important that she was in continuous receipt of blood thinning medication to prevent a stroke. In spite of this, the hospital staff made the decision to cease the blood thinning medication which had been prescribed.

Following the procedure, the deceased was not put back on her blood thinning medication by the staff of the Hospital or by her General Practitioner, both of whom assessed her. As a result of this decision, the deceased suffered cardiac arrest due to a pulmonary embolism in early August 2015 and passed away.

The family members of the deceased were deeply distraught by the loss and suffered severe psychological damage as a result. Gerard Malouf & Partners was approached by the family to investigate whether the death was caused by negligence and to seek compensation for their mental distress. Mr. Leslie Abboud, experienced Medical Negligence Lawyer sought evidence from a prominent emergency physician who confirmed that the deceased’s death was caused by the decision to cease the blood thinning medication.

With this important evidence, Mr. Abboud filed individual claims for each of the family members in the District Court NSW, referring to expert opinion to assess each family member’s ongoing psychological injury. This evidence in turn was crucial to supporting our clients’ claim.

Mr. Abboud was able to provide some financial and emotional relief to the family of deceased by settling their claims at Mediation for a combined sum of $340,00.00. This gave the family much needed compensation to assist in their ongoing care and support.

The death of a loved one can be a distressing event especially in circumstances where the death was avoidable and caused by negligence on the part of treating medical professionals. If you have suffered mental harm as a result of the death or severe injury of a close relative potentially caused by an act of medical negligence, please call Gerard Malouf & Partners on 1800 004878 and ask to speak to one of our experienced Medical Negligence Lawyers. Time limits apply in Medical Negligence claims, so call Gerard Malouf & Partners today.

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