Fall in Cracked Pavement Results in a $70,000 Public Liability Compensation

PUBLISHED 28 Jun 2013

Our client was walking through a car park on her way to meet her son at a neighbouring café. As she stepped into the car park she, unknowingly stepped into a hole causing her to lose her footing and land heavily on her right hand side. As a result of the accident, our client sustained significant injuries to her right shoulder, right arm, right him and right leg. The accident also exacerbated her pre-existing right knee problem. Subsequently, she had to take several scans, attend multiple consultations and undergo remedial massage and physiotherapy.

Following the accident, our client suffered continuing disabilities of chronic pain, restriction of movement in the right am, and difficulty in sleeping. She also felt extremely frustrated as she could no longer perform her pre-existing home duties, and was dependent on her family members to help her. She approached Gerard Malouf & Partners because she wanted a professional firm that would help her obtain compensation for her past and future medical bills. 

One of our solicitors who specialises in Public Liability Claims met with the client and agreed to open a file for her. Thereafter our solicitor arranged for various medico-legal appointments between our client and doctors, so as to accurately attain the extent of our client’s injuries. Our solicitor also collected the clinical notes of our client’s treating doctors and hospitals. With this information, our solicitor was able to formulate a strong argument against the defendant (the owner of the car park).

Initially, the defendant was unwilling to co-operate, and refused to send over public liability reports and other relevant documentation. Although it made it more difficult for us to ascertain sufficient evidence, it did not deter us. Pleadings were commenced in the District Court Sydney and served on the defendants.

The defendants, upon receiving these documents, conceded. An Informal Settlement Conference was arranged, which prevented our client from having to deal with all the stress that comes with appearing before the Court. Our team was able to secure $70,000.00 for our client. She was extremely pleased with the result, and was impressed with our efficiency and professional attitude throughout the entire process.

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