Fall Down Stairs Settlement of $200,000 Compensation

PUBLISHED 27 Mar 2014

Our 44-year old client fell down a flight of stairs when she slipped on some sand and a broken step.

Medical issues

Our client sustained a fracture to her tibia and fibula and remained in hospital for almost two months before she was able to return home.

Court proceedings


We commenced Court proceedings against the owners of the building and the Real Estate who rented the property to our client and claimed negligence for failing to provide adequate lighting, failing to clean the stairs, failing to repair the stairs and failing to listen to the cleaner’s complaints about the slipperiness of the stairs.

Our client was off work for four months and finally returned to work on light duties. Her employer moved her office downstairs so she didn’t have to walk up stairs anymore and, after a further two months, she was able to return to her full duties.

The owners denied public liability negligence and claimed our client was rushing down the stairs and failed to look out for her own safety. The Real Estate also denied negligence and claimed our client was not watching where she placed her feet and further, that she ought to have known the sand on the stairs would make them slippery.


We eventually succeeded in arranging an Informal Settlement Conference with the four owners of the building and the Real Estate and settled the claim for our client’s fall down the stairs for $200,000.

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