Fall at Forecourt of popular Sydney Theatre Warrants Compensation

PUBLISHED 19 Apr 2013

In 2010, our client was a pedestrian walking across the forecourt of a very popular theatre in Sydney when she tripped and fell on a curb that formed part of a road way on the forecourt. Our client felt immediate pain in her left ankle and right wrist. The pain had increased to such an extent that our client admitted herself into hospital that night.

She was subsequently diagnosed with a fractured left ankle and right wrist. For months after the accident, our client suffered from immense pain in her right knee. Our client had to undergo long-term and ongoing treatment for her injuries, and suffered the inconvenience of attending to several medical appointments and x-ray scans. Because of the accident, our client was impinged from attending to her daily activities, and experienced a great amount of frustration.

Pleadings were commenced in the District Court Sydney and we were successfully able to issue a subpoena on the defendant, documents revealed actual knowledge of the defect in the forecourt and plans to rectify the area. With the advantage of possessing these documents the matter was resolved long before it was listed for Hearing.

Our client wanted an experienced and efficient law firm to take on her public liability case. She approached our firm, Gerard Malouf & Partners Compensation Lawyers, Sydney knowing that we have a myriad of experienced and passionate solicitors who are specialised in their field of study. Our solicitors reviewed the client’s claim and obtained all the information necessary, including medical documents, expense reports and photographs of the site of accident. A claim for public liability was successfully lodged against the Sydney Opera House Trust. Our intricate knowledge of the law and confident approach in settling claims enabled us to secure the client a sum of $170,000.00.

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