Elevator Breaks Elberly Ladies Leg But No Compensation

PUBLISHED 11 Aug 2014

Mrs MN was an older lady in her 70s who was struggling on the Sydney city rail system. When she proceeded to an  elevator the doors closed upon her unexpectedly stop the force of the doors caused her to be knocked over fracturing her femur.

CCTV footage was taken both from inside the elevator as long as outside. The elevator could have had systems in place which would have made it safer for pedestrians, disabled Persons as Wallace elderly people. One such possibility is the placement of large stay Mr Le Bon lights on each side of the elevator doors which would prevent people coming in from an indirect angle of the doors and senses. This would also allow for greater time of reaction by people coming in to the elevator at the same time as the doors were closing as in this occasion.

In litigation there are many mechanisms to try and bring parties together to resolve the dispute amicably. On this occasion, despite our advice, Mrs MN with the guidance of a daughter failed to heed our advice and forfeited an opportunity to  have them out negotiated at an informal settlement conference. They failed to protect their position that the forward an offer of compromise. And in the end the matter was withdrawn 2 days from hearing with a verdict for the defendant with each party to pay their own legal costs.

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