Elderly Woman in Sydney receives Compensation after infection results in Leg Amputation

PUBLISHED 27 Apr 2018

In this matter, an elderly woman required varied care to meet her medical needs. She frequented St Vincent’s hospital multiple times to seek care for her development of wounds and injuries such as pressure sores and ulcers. 

Unfortunately for our client, she was conservatively treated and sent back to her nursing home without adequate referral to specialist doctors or sufficient after-care to manage her conditions. As a result of a lack of investigation and management, our client developed a severe infection in leg. At her age and level of health, this infection put her in great risk with few treatment options available.

Eventually it was determined by her doctors that this elderly women would require amputation of her leg above the knee. This was a devastating outcome for this women who had entrusted these doctors to providing her care and appropriate treatment.

This amputation led to significant pain and distress for this elderly women. By losing her leg she also lost a great deal independence and was unable to do normal activities that she could previously manage.

Seeing this mistreatment and the devastating effects it had on her quality of life, our client’s family reached out to Gerard Malouf and Partners to see whether a medical negligence claim of compensation could be pursued.    

Upon referral to our firm, our specialist medical negligence team, led by Keegan Behrens, sought the expert opinion of a well-regarded treating doctor, where it was shown that there was a correlation between poor management of our client and the damage she suffered.

Respecting our client’s wishes to avoid the stress and risk associated with a trial, Medical Negligence Lawyer Keegan Behrens arranged an out-of-court settlement with the Hospital.

Through effective negotiations, Medical Negligence Lawyer Keegan Behrens and his team, as well as an expert barrister, negotiated and a favourable settlement that our client accepted and was happy with.

At Gerard Malouf and Partners we pride ourselves are assisting those who are mistreated, misdiagnosed and inadequately cared for by the health system.

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