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Elderly Tamworth Couple Receives Compensation in a Low Speed Hit Casing Whiplash

This matter involved a husband and wife couple who reside in Heddan Gretta. Whilst they were heading home and stopped at a set of red lights in Tamworth, a vehicle failed to stop and hit them from behind at what has been described as a low speed. Despite the damage to the vehicle has been minimal at best, the couple sustained a whiplash injury. This is more likely than not to be a consequence of their age.

The couple initially had difficulty in obtaining medical evidence from the regular general practitioner because the general practitioner indicated a reluctance to be involved in insurance matters.

Gerard Malouf and Partners were able to make contact with a number of general practitioners within the area of the injured persons that would be able to assist them.

As a consequence of Gerard Malouf and Partner’s assistance, they were able to obtain the medical assistance that they needed and the treatment by way of physiotherapy, that was able to assist them to recover from this soft tissue injuries.

Being an elderly couple, they did not want to be put into a long and drawn out litigious process. Although the accident occurred in January 2014, the matter was able to be resolved in thirteen months where both husband and wife were able to receive a very favourable result.

Compensation included a buffer for past and future medical and treatment expenses. A buffer for past and future gratuitous and paid domestic assistance. There was, however, a concession that both husband and wife would not exceed the threshold of 10% whole person impairment, which if they were to have exceeded, would have entitled to compensation for non-economic loss.

This was a fast and expedient whiplash compensation claim result from a motor vehicle accident in accordance with the wishes of the clients.

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