Elderly Sutherland Shire Woman Slips & Falls Whilst in Grocery Store

PUBLISHED 28 Feb 2018

Our client was walking through the local shopping centre in the Sutherland shire, to do her normal weekly groceries, when she slipped and fell.  Like is often the case she was distracted by the shops and not looking in a downward manner watching her every step, and as she was walking along, she slipped on an unknown substance on the floor, fell forward onto her face and also her left side suffering significant injury.

As a result, she felt extremely embarrassed and left the scene as soon as she possibly could, without reporting the incident. Thankfully bystanders who witnessed the incident reported it to centre management.

On the very next day our client was required to attend her general practitioner and complained heavily of her pain as a result of the injuries sustained in the slip and fall.  Our client had ongoing problems with her neck, back but in particular, her face.  She was told that she had major problems with the left eye socket.  The injuries were simply getting worse and worse. 

At this point our client decided to talk to someone about the incident and contacted the Public Liability team at Gerard Malouf and Partners. We were able to promptly advise her of her rights and made contact with the shopping centre to obtain all documents that related to the incident.

After investigating the full extent of the claim and damages Gerard Malouf and partners engaged the shopping centre in settlement discussions.

Our client was on an age pension negating her claim for any compensation for past or future economic loss. Our client also had a vast history of medical conditions. Additionally she received no domestic assistance at home after her slip but instead, she pushed through the pain with the assistance of analgesics.

Despite all of this, Gerard Malouf and Partners were able to successful negotiate a settlement figure of $70,000.00 for our client. We were able to pinpoint the injuries our client sustained and rightfully connect those injuries to the subject accident.

Although our client’s case was not confidently supported by medical evidence, Gerard Malouf and Partners were able to still compromise a great result that will significantly assist our client in the unclear future.

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