Driving instructor changes her entire occupation following whiplash from car accident

PUBLISHED 10 Oct 2014

Ms DT was an employee to the Roads and Maritime Service as a Traffic Assessor for the purpose of testing people in obtaining the driver’s licence.

This was a person who was very familiar with the traffic road rules and was subject to the road environment on a daily basis.

On a day which she was not working, she was stopped behind a number of vehicles. A vehicle who was driven by a person who was not paying attention rant into the rear of her car. This caused her injuries consistent with whiplash.

More importantly though, she sustained psychological injuries causing her to have bouts of anxiety when exposed to driving conditions for long periods of time. Evidently, this had a huge effect upon her ability to maintain her position at the Road and Maritime Service which she held for in excess of 50 years.

Ms DT still had a further 5 years until her retirement age. As a consequence, her role needed to be changed laterally to being a customer service agent. This swerved an economic loss to her.

Ms DT through rigorous regime of physiotherapy and psychological treatment recovered substantially. She was assessed to have an injury less than 10% whole person impairment. She had ceased further physiotherapy treatment. She had ceased further psychological treatment.

Despite the limited medical treatment that she required and limited amount of domestic assistance and care that she received, Gerard Malouf and Partners were able to resolve her claim in a little over one year for an extremely amicable amount. Ms DT’s claim was settled for in excess of $100,000.00.

This amicable resolution was only achieved by the diligence of the team that worked on her whiplash claim.

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