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Do I have to be in a public place to make a public liability claim?

Public liability laws are designed to hold organisations and individuals responsible for negligence that results in injuries or deaths. For example, you can make a compensation claim if you slip over in a shopping centre or car park, enabling you to receive damages that could run into the millions of dollars.

This is just one instance where you may be eligible for a payout. There are a broad range of accidents and locations where the courts could rule in your favour.

While most people assume the incident must occur in a public place, this is not always the case. In fact, you can even make a public liability claim for injuries suffered within your own home.

This is why it’s important to discuss your accident with a seasoned personal injury lawyer in NSW to ensure you’re not missing out on compensation.

How can I claim for an incident in my home?

Faulty workmanship on property renovations is one of the most common reasons for making a public liability claim for home-based accidents.

For example, if you’ve recently had a new wall erected in your house and it collapses – injuring someone in the process – you should seek legal help to begin gathering evidence. You can also claim for compensation if the property is seriously damaged due to shoddy building work.

Similarly, the courts may find a business liable if their products malfunction and cause injuries or deaths. A poorly designed electrical appliance or piece of furniture can be especially dangerous, particularly for children.

IKEA was recently forced to recall 27 million products in the US due to youngsters getting crushed underneath dressers when they tipped over.

What damages will I receive?

It’s difficult to provide plaintiffs with an exact dollar figure ahead of a public liability claim. Every case is different and certain factors could play a part, such as whether not the claimant contributed to their own injuries.

However, it’s not unusual for people to receive large lump sum payments if their accident resulted in long-term or even permanent disabilities. This money is often crucial to cover medical costs, time off work and any pain or suffering the incident caused.

Furthermore, if you hire a no-win, no-fee lawyer you can reduce the risks associated with an unsuccessful case. Firms such as Gerard Malouf & Partners only charge for their representation when a settlement goes in your favour.

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