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A major crash in Menangle that grabbed headlines in July left one dead and five injured, and now investigators are looking into whether the truck driver responsible might have been suffering from an underlying medical condition.

The crash, involving a B-double tanker truck hitting a number of vehicles at a highway rest stop, was extremely serious, according to the Australian Broadcasting Company. A child was killed and five more were injured, and the trucker was taken into custody immediately. Shortly thereafter, he was denied bail in Parramatta Local Court.

The details of the case

The tanker truck’s driver clearly realised what was going to happen before the crash occurred. There was a long trail of skid marks at the entrance to the rest area, indicating that he tried to stop, but was travelling at such high speeds initially that he could not prevent his vehicle from crashing into a truck and, then, a number of others that were parked in his path.

According to 9 News, the crash unfortunately killed an 8-year-old girl, and caused injury to multiple adult men and women, including a compound right arm fracture, multiple leg and rib fractures and internal injuries. The driver – Brendon Lidgard, 44 – was charged with nine offences, including dangerous driving occasioning death.

A potential complication

However, other details have come out in the wake of the accident, which occurred around 3 p.m., to indicate that the driver may not have been totally at fault. He suffers from Type 1 diabetes, and his lawyer argued that this may have been a contributing factor in causing the crash. Police are now looking into whether that might have been the case.

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