Daughter receives $150,000 compensation for death of her father at Sydney public hospital due to sepsis

PUBLISHED 16 Dec 2016

Sepsis, the presence of bacteria in the blood, is a life threatening condition which can lead to a severe drop in blood pressure, organ failure and death.  It is particularly prevalent after medical procedures such as laparoscopes and catheters, and it is therefore necessary that hospitals ensure the highest standards of post-operative management of patients to ensure that sepsis is quickly diagnosed and treated with antibiotic therapy.  This matter involves a daughter who claimed hospital medical negligence for an amount of $150,000 against a North Sydney Hospital after the death of her father.

Her father was an elderly man who was taken to hospital with a history of melaena and fatigue.  On admission to hospital two intravenous catheters were inserted into his left and right elbow joints. 

Over the following days, the nurses noted skin tears, redness and cellulitis around the Deceased’s elbow joints however, this was not diagnosed for some 8 days when blood cultures and swabs of the wound site were taken showing a staphylococcus infection.  The Deceased was treated with antibiotics but by this stage it was too late.  He developed multiple DVTs, pneumonia and eventually passed away.

Understandably, the daughter was shocked by the treatment her father had received and developed psychological grief and trauma.  She contacted Gerard Malouf & Partners, and spoke to Ms Julie Baqleh, Accredited Personal Injury Specialist, about achieving maximum justice against the hospital. 

Ms Baqleh obtained a report as to what went wrong from an Emergency Physician and an Expert Nurse, who noted the failure of the hospital staff to diagnose and treat the Deceased’s infection in a timely manner.  She also obtained a report from an expert Psychiatrist in order to highlight the extent of the Plaintiff’s grief and trauma.

Respecting the client’s wishes to avoid the risk and stress of trial, Ms Baqleh arranged an out-of-court settlement with the hospital who admitted liability for her father’s death, paying $150,000 to her in maximum justice.  Although this would never bring her father back, it would go some way to getting the psychological treatment she needed for her grief.

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