Crushed toe public liability case settles for six figures!

PUBLISHED 20 Apr 2013

Our client was exiting an estate when a heavy door fell out of its frame and crushed a toe on her left foot. At the time, our client was only wearing normal work shoes, which did not provide adequate protection; as such, our client experienced a great amount of pain at the time of injury and her left toe was severely injured.

Following the accident, our client was forced to work from home for about a week as she could not make the daily commute to her workplace. About one month after the accident, our client suffered from a bleed from an arteriovenous malformation which was a direct result of the initial accident. The burning, hot pain spread further across the left side of her body, including her face, neck and left lower extremity. The pain intensified to such an extent that our client was forced to cease work entirely.

The client, looking for an experienced solicitor to take her public liability case, approached our firm. Gerard Malouf & Partners is comprised of a myriad of experienced and passionate solicitors who are specialised in their field. Our solicitors were able to review the claim and gather all the relevant medical reports critical in determining the extent of the severity of her injuries. We successfully lodged a claim for public liability against the administrators of the estate. Our intricate knowledge of our respective fields and our efficient approach in taking claims resulted in our client receiving a sum of $100,000.

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