Coronavirus panic buying adds another layer of risk for shoppers

PUBLISHED 16 Apr 2020

When we think about grocery shopping, we usually think about a weekly, safe and uneventful ritual to provide our family with the means necessary to eat for the week.

During these unusual times, it is difficult not to be aware of the risk we place ourselves in and inadvertently those that mean the most to us when we go shopping.

Many commentators have spoken at length about how panic buying has placed people at a higher risk of infection. With unprecedented numbers of people attending grocery stores, the risk of infection is higher than ever.

With so many people urgently shopping for their loved ones, the risk of people being exposed to dangers other than COVID-19 is a reality. These dangers include conditions that can cause accidents which lead to serious injuries that devastate a person’s ability to provide for their family, their quality of life and cause them to require care with responsibilities that were not even a second thought in the past.

Things to look out for include:

  • Watch your step – from grapes, lettuce leaves, fluid on the floor and even signage;
  • Obstructed aisles – at these times lookout for pallets that are left in the aisle;
  • Leaks in fridges and/or freezers; and
  • Roving trollies.

These risks are greater now than ever before. If you have been exposed to any of these risks and have suffered any injuries as a result;  contact your compensation specialists at Gerard Malouf & Partners for your first free consultation so we can provide you with obligation-free advice.

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