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Compensation still available for small motor-vehicle accidents

Mr DA was the driver of a car. In the car was his mother, twin brother and sister is and grandmother. The car was stationary when it was hit from behind causing minor damage to the rear bumper bar only.

Because the people within the car went different positions, each of them sustained injury to differing extents.

Mr DA being the driver of the vehicle had both his hands upon this doing well at the time of the impact. As such he had an opportunity to place himself and therefore received them  least injury of all  Occupants.

At the time of the accident Mr DA was a university student. He did not have a job and did not lose any time in relation to his attendance at university. The injuries that he sustained were akin to minor whiplash to his neck and back. The only medical treatment expenses that he was an initial general consultation with his general practitioner and no other. She did not require any domestic assistance in here.

Of relevance was the number of occupants that were in the vehicle and that some of the occupants had significant injuries which affected their ability to work, their ability to study, affecting their activities of daily living and a requirement of domestic assistance and care.

At Gerrard Malouf partners we  seized  upon the opportunity  and requested do insurer to facilitate a group informal settlement conference.

On the papers, Mr DA’s claim was worth very little if anything at all. However,  we drew assertions of loss in relation to the other claims, and that similar losses would be experienced by Mr DA, allowing us to resolve his claim for a very amicable amount.

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