Compensation lawyer leaves no stone unturned gains $350,000 for a work-related injury

PUBLISHED 21 Aug 2013

The meaning of the phrase of “leave no stone unturned” is defined as – to do everything possible in order to achieve or find something (Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms).

With this attitude our client received Pain & Suffering lump sums in Workers Compensation despite the legislative changes, she also received damages in a Common Law negligent claim and is still to receive her anticipated Lump Sums for Total Permanent Disablement claim through Superannuation

For this fortunate client who had contacted our office to assist in a workers compensation claim, we left no stone unturned. Having sourced our very capable medico-legal assessor, we were able to obtain a very high impairment assessment. Our assessor being a reputable orthopaedic surgeon, provided an assessment which was accepted by the insurer being 21% whole person impairment and the fixed amount there is $34,650.00 which was accepted.

The insurer would not pay for pain and suffering due to the legislative changes however, following a recent Court of Appeal decision and submissions from our office, the insurer reluctantly did offer a further amount for pain and suffering as well and this has satisfactorily resolved only recently.

Since the resolution of the lump sum impairment claim, we had commenced common law proceedings being a work injury damages claim against the employer for damages. Did we have a clear case on negligence? It was not definite however we were confident of our pleadings on negligence and the insurer’s firm decision to decline liability on negligence did not deter us from pursuing a work injury damages claim.

We had put our best foot forward and eventually requested the matter be mediated. We had mediation and the parties were unable to come to a resolution. However, we did not stop there and persevered with ongoing negotiations so as to enable a satisfactory outcome for the injured worker.

Total lump sum compensation for impairment, pain and suffering and work injury damages received by our client was over $350,000.00.

Our aim is to achieve the best results for our clients and we have not stopped there as we are now investigating a potential total permanent disablement claim through her current superannuation fund  and we anticipate a successful resolution in that claim as well.

We had looked at, investigated and actioned every possible avenue to ensure that our client receives the maximum in compensation. Without the necessary experience in various types of personal injury jurisdictions, we would certainly not have received these results. However, being specialised compensation injury lawyers, we were able to do so.

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