Compensation for Slip on wet hospital floor

PUBLISHED 29 Oct 2013

Our client came to our firm seeking advice, to sue for negligence against a hospital in which she had suffered an injury by slipping on water on the floor surface.

Our client was at the hospital for the purpose of treatment however, following the consultation with the doctor she proceeded to walk through a corridor and slipped on water which was on the floor surface which came from works which appeared to have been undertaken by a plumber.

Our firm initially sued the hospital for negligence as we were not aware of the name of the plumber who conducted the work was also responsible for our client’s fall and subsequent injury.

As a result of the slip & fall our client suffered injury to her back, arm and feet. 

A claim for compensation was made for damages for the injuries together with treatment expenses she has incurred in the past and for the future, together with a claim for domestic assistance provided to her by her husband for needs over and above of those previously provided by the husband for the assistance relating to domestic and household tasks.

Expert reports were obtained together with medical reports all paid by our firm to substantiate the claim for the injuries and to prove the claim for negligence against the hospital as occupier, who had control of the area and the plumber who had contributed to the cause of the water being on the floor.

Prior to the hearing of the matter, the parties met in a settlement conference and after negotiations the matter settled in the sum of approximately $80,000.00 with all legal expenses being paid and a sizeable amount for the client.

Our client was happy with the result and by settling before the court, legal fees were able to be kept to a smaller amount leaving more money and damages for our client

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