Compensation for minors who suffer psychologically in motor-vehicle accidents

PUBLISHED 08 Aug 2014

Master DA and his twin sister Mistress LA were passengers of a car driven by their older brother. In the car was their mother and grandmother. The car was stationary when it was hit from behind causing minor damage to the rear bumper bar only.

Because the people within the car went differently positions, each of them sustained injury to a differing  extents.

Bothe Master DA and Mistress LA were rear passengers. It was the first time that either had been in a motor vehicle accident.

At the time of the accident both were high school students and the accident had affected them both in relation to their confident and schooling.

Of relevance was the number of occupants that were in the vehicle and that some of the occupants had significant injuries which affected their ability to work, their ability to study, affecting their activities of daily living and a requirement of domestic assistance and care.

At Gerrard Malouf partners we  seized  upon the opportunity  and requested the insurer to facilitate a group informal settlement conference.

On the papers, both Master DA and Mistress LA’s claims were worth very little if anything at all. However,  we drew assertions of loss in relation to the other claims, and that similar losses would be experienced by them, allowing us to resolve both claims for a very amicable amount.

The settlements were approved by the Court less than a year following the accident.

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